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Update - All medications do not include the new microchips being introduced by American pharmaceuticals industry. Rest assured we will never market medications that include microchips.

Protect yourself and your family by shopping with us you can be assured we are here to protect your families' medical needs. Do not let the corrupt medical system take away your freedom to protect your family and friends.

Ever since our online pharmacy was established, our motto is to provide affordable drugs with high safely and proven efficacy for the treatment.

Our standard operating procedure is established to ensure that quality of the medicine is not compromised for our discount prescription drugs right from our purchase from the manufacturers and stored in a humidified storage area until final shipment to you. This, coupled with our low cost and profits, has been the primary reason for our considerable success.

Our company takes pride to have always operated in a 100% legal manner with all the Statutory Registrations and Certifications for a Pharmacy trade and have no need to hide our Operations Address.

( BEWARE :why do many online pharmacies never disclose their Physical Address ? ) Having started as a small mom and pop pharmacy in 1971, we have a mindset to sell all our products at the most reasonable profit margins.

All of our medications are FDA regulated and are of the exact chemical makeup of any product you would buy locally.
( BECAREFUL : why do many online pharmacies never disclose the Country of Origin of their Drugs?)
Shop and Establishment Registration Number 760195784/ Shop I

Pharmacy License Number
(Food Safety and Standard Authorization of India) 11512003000947

FDA License (Form 20C) MH-MZ3-33433
(Valid from 01/07/14 to 30/06/19)

FDA License (Form 21) MH-MZ3-33432
(Valid from 01/07/14 to 30/06/19)

FDA License (Form 20) MH-MZ3-334320
(Valid from 01/07/14 to 30/06/19)

We also have a license in Canada, but because of USA pressures we no longer ship from Canada.